Support services from your Devonport funeral home

Whether expected or unexpected, the death of a loved one is often a difficult time. Should you feel in need of support, the caring team at Pinegrove Funerals’ Devonport funeral home is only a phone call away.

Our caring and compassionate funeral directors are experienced in dealing with each stage of death, from funeral planning to fulfilling the funeral arrangements and leaving obituaries.

Funeral support services in Port Sorell, Ulverstone, Devonport, Latrobe and surrounding regions

Coping with your loss

Some bereaved people feel in need of additional support beyond that which is given by family and friends. We can put you in touch with counsellors should you require their support. Our funeral directors are available for family to contact at any time.

We have many books and brochures available to assist families understand the emotional turmoil that they may be going through. We also have books available for children.

How You Can Help A Family Touched By Death

Often people just want to talk. They may talk about the deceased, their life together, or what influence they had on their life, their ups and downs, the good and sad times. They may repeat things many times. This is okay – in the early stages of grief they might not remember what they have said or to whom.

Offer Your Support
Being available and offering your support in any way will help the family through this difficult time. You may be able to host a family member, supply extra bedding or answer the phone and take messages. You may take care of animals if they have any, or do some shopping for them or simply cook a meal or cake.

Talk About The Deceased
This is very important. Many people will avoid this, “in case they upset the family”. But the family needs to talk about their loved one, they want to share their memories. You may have your own personal memories that you could share with them.

Allow Them Space
When a death occurs, many family and friends will visit and sometimes the family needs time out. It is important to allow them this time. Perhaps you could screen calls and take messages. Have a book available to write down details of who called.

Centrelink Assistance

The following is provided as a guide only, may differ in some circumstances and is subject to change without notice.

Generally, a pensioner whose pensioner spouse dies will receive a bereavement payment from Centrelink of approximately 14 weeks of the normal pension for that person. This payment is made in a lump sum payment following the death of a partner.

This lump sum payment is also available if you are on a carer’s pension, caring for a partner. If you are a single pensioner, then the next full payment only is made to the deceased person’s bank account.

Veterans' Affairs Pensions

Veterans whose deaths are accepted as being caused by war service and those on DVA pensions may be eligible for additional assistance. Help may also be provided by the Office of Australian War Graves for a memorial plaque for a returned service person.

If a deceased person was receiving a Veterans’ Affairs or Centrelink pension or other benefits, the appropriate department should be notified of the death within 14 days.