Devonport funeral arrangements

At Pinegrove Funerals, we aim to make funeral arrangements in Devonport simple. We help family and friends honour the wishes of the deceased, and create a touching tribute.

We understand it can be difficult to process and make plans for a funeral while trying to cope with the grief that accompanies the death of a loved one. Our experienced funeral arrangements team is here to help make those decisions and discussions easier.

Making Funeral Arrangements in Ulverstone, Devonport, Latrobe and Port Sorell

Once you have contacted your funeral directors, they will arrange to visit you in your own home or, if preferred, you may came to our office. We will need to obtain personal information from the family. This is so the deceased person’s death can be registered with Births, Deaths and Marriages. We ask these questions in a gentle manner, because at times this information will bring forth a wealth of memories.

Details of the type of service you want would be discussed with gentleness. You do not have to make immediate decisions. Some of the details you need to consider when funeral planning are:

  • Burial, cremation or donation of the body to science?
    • If burial – have you or your spouse been previously married? If so, is there a grave reservation with the first spouse? Do you wish to use this reservation? Would you or your spouse wish to be buried with the first spouse? (Often this is not discussed with children or current spouse. Children often expect their parents to be buried together). This is a MOST important issue to discuss with your family or spouse.
  • Double or single grave?
  • Church or chapel service (open or private service)?
  • The kind of casket or coffin and choice of flowers for coffin.
  • Clothing for your loved one to be dressed in.
  • To have a viewing or not?
  • The hymns to be sung or music to be played.
  • The death notice.
  • If you would like donations collected for a charity of your choice.

We offer more than 30 years’ expertise so the funeral services you have for your loved one create a special memory for you and the family in the years to come.

What Type Of Funeral Service?

If the wishes of the deceased person are known beforehand, funeral arrangements can be attended to accordingly.

We can assist in all arrangements for burial or cremation, private, public or state funerals, as well as prepaid funerals. The following options are a guide to the type of service you may have.

  • A service in a church or chapel, followed by an interment or committal at the cemetery or crematorium.
  • A service in a church or chapel, followed by a private family-only interment or committal for cremation at our crematorium, “Mersey Gardens”.
  • A service and committal for cremation in a church or chapel, when the funeral director removes the coffin at the end of the service for a private cremation.
  • A service and committal in the crematorium chapel.
  • A service and interment at the graveside.
  • A burial or cremation prior to the service, followed by a Thanksgiving Service in a church or chapel.
  • A service at another funeral venue, e.g. local hall, sports club, RSL, family home, beach or park. Some of these would require municipal council approval.

Today, with our busy lifestyles, people are tending to have funeral services at one venue, which allows family and friends time to share in fellowship and refreshments at the chapel or church hall, at the conclusion of the service.

How Can We Make A Funeral Special?

Unfortunately, at some time in our lives we may be faced with a funeral to organise. Often we have only a short time to make the funeral arrangements. You want the funeral to be very special and you do not want to feel pressured into making decisions.

Should you have prior knowledge that a death may be imminent, it is helpful, if a funeral director has been chosen, to contact them and discuss your thoughts. Indicating your ideas or wishes will help you and the funeral director to understand what type of service you are considering. This allows time for funeral arrangements to be discussed fully and to be prepared.

You may wish to consider any of the following to help you create a special funeral:

  • Personalised service sheet
  • Photograph on coffin
  • Personal effects displayed
  • Piper in church, chapel or graveside
  • Vocalist to sing
  • Releasing of balloons
  • Music or songs played
  • Recording of the service
  • Photographs taken in church, chapel or graveside.

Some of the above funeral services may have additional costs involved.

Viewing Of The Deceased

Although it is not something you think about, spending time with your deceased loved one can be very beneficial in the long term. If the death has occurred at home, feel free to spend time with your loved one before contacting our undertakers. We want you to be given every opportunity to fulfil your needs at this time.

A viewing of the deceased can be arranged on a day or evening suitable to the family. Our caring funeral directors and staff will prepare and guide you and will be available to help you during this time.

At our Devonport funeral home, we encourage people to spend time with their loved one if they feel they would like to. No pressure is placed on anyone. The decision to stay with the deceased is entirely up to each individual.

We encourage families to consider bringing their children to the viewing. Children need to be a part of the funeral services and to say their goodbyes. If you are unsure, discuss your concerns with your funeral director.

At this time, families may place personal mementos in the coffin. There are some items that would not be appropriate and you would need to discuss mementos with your funeral director.

We do allow the deceased to be taken to the family home prior to the day of the funeral, if requested.